About Amy

Hello! My name is Amy. I’m a full time head pastry chef & part time business owner. I’m from Toronto.

Shiawase (幸せ) means happiness or good fortune. In Chinese, it would be equivalent to 幸福.

This is a photo blog of my bakes, recipes & favourite things.

I love;
. pâtisseries
. chirashi
. moustache
. bow ties
. denim shirts
. stripes
. royal milk tea
. japan
. chocolate
. tattoos
. recipe books
. indie music
. traveling
. wandering

contact | hello (at) charmingdesserts (dot) com
instagram | @shiawase.days & @charmingdssrts
facebook | amy’s food adventures & charming desserts
twitter |@lu_amy7 & @charmingdssrts
dessert shop | charmingdesserts.com


25 thoughts on “About Amy

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  2. Wow, all the things on your blog look that wonderful! I bake macarons for around two years and never got the quality you have. Is there a recipe on your site so I may try?

    • Hi, there are actually some recipes on my blog here – simply click on the “recipe” tab below in the “categories” section for all the recipes :)

      • For the shells, too? I just found some recipes for the creams…I tried the ones with lavender and it was wonderful…Maybe I´ll just have to search a bit for the shells… Thanks, Mary :D

  3. I’m so happy that I found your new blog :) I was really disappointed when you closed your old one, I love the recipes and sweets and definitely will try some out!

  4. my sis surprised me with the green tea sesame tofu cheesecake as my birthday cake!! it is loved by all family members! :) :)

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