matcha white chocolate cookies (recipe)

Hello! Can you believe it’s already June?! I sure can’t! I wish I knew how to slow down time.. it’s frightening how quickly it’s been passing by in recent years.

Anyway, I have good news! Well, kinda. I made these matcha white chocolate cookies a few days ago, and it’s definitely the best recipe I’ve come across so far! They’re soft and chewy, and spread to the right thickness. I actually tried baking them on both parchment paper and a silpat, and noticed that the parchment paper route was the way to go. The cookies spread nicely with some wrinkles on top, whereas the ones on the silpat stayed thick and puffy. The only thing I changed about the recipe was that I added only 2 tspn of matcha instead of 1tbspn. I was being stingy since the matcha’s expensive and I brought it back from Kyoto, but the overall sweetness/bitterness level turned out perfect for me.

I found the recipe for this cookie on one of my favourite sites, cookpad. Recipe here.


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