sakura mont blanc

My sakura ingredients have finally arrived! It took more than a month because the first parcel got lost :( Wherever you are, my sakura ingredients, I hope you’re in good hands, lol.

It actually took me a while to come up with this year’s sakura cake, because you know, at times you just run out of inspiration. Personally I loveee the cake mont blanc, so I decided to incorporate its signature spaghetti-like strands of cream into the cake to give it a ‘mont blanc’ look. Similar to my other cakes, this also had to be light & fluffy, with a subtle sweetness, has a textural contrast, a delightful taste and a charming presentation. Sometimes I don’t even know how I’m able to create cakes that fit all of these descriptions, but I just do it. I make it happen.

The components are: sakura cream, edible sakura flowers, matcha sponge, chantilly cream, strawberry jam, and handmade mochi. The mochi, to be honest, was just an afterthought. I had some mochi lying around from a previous dessert, so I decided to cut them into small cubes and inserted them in between the matcha sponge layers. It gives a wonderful chewy texture to the creamy, fluffy cake.

I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t order much ingredients this year, which means I’ll only be able to take limited orders for this cake. The reason is when I originally placed my order, I had no idea at that time what kind of cake I would be making, so I underestimated the amount I needed :( Oh wells, maybe I’ll bring the sakura mont blanc back next year :D


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