crêpe w/ ube ice cream

I’m all for cakes, but crêpe is something that I’ll always fall in love with time after time. Mille-crêpes have been the craze lately, but I honestly prefer to have crêpes with fresh fruit and ice cream instead. In my last post I mentioned that my friends came over for a dessert party, and actually crêpes was also on the menu. I made a stack of crêpes and my friends brought over an assortment of fruits and ice cream. The ube (purple yam) ice cream was delicious, and looking pretty also helps I guess, haha. I’m sure there’s (a bit) of food colouring in there, but it’s just so aesthetically appealing!

I don’t have a crêpe maker so I just used a simple 7″ saucepan to make them in. They’re quite simple to make, and using your hands to flip the crêpes is easier than using a spatula as the sides of the pan tend to get in the way. The recipe I used is from the Paris Pastry Club cook book, but it’s also available online here.


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