london fog entremet

Hello everyone! So I finally came up with a new cake for my menu, which was supposed to be introduced months and months ago :D I admit, I’m selfish in the sense that I only make cakes that I would enjoy myself. I would never put a cake on my menu simply because people are asking for it or that the flavour is popular. First and foremost, I need to actually like the flavours myself. On the other hand, I’m selfless due to the fact that I don’t mind sharing what I love with the rest of the world, lol.

I’m a huge fan of london fog, and anything earl grey in general. I find that it’s not the easiest to incorporate into desserts because its flavour is quite subtle. Once you add cream, milk, or other ingredients to earl grey, the flavour becomes much weaker almost instantly. I had to make sure I used enough earl grey tea in the mousse itself as to not lose its flavour. I also tried to incorporate earl grey in several other components within the cake.

The layers are: mirror glaze, earl grey mousse, earl grey sponge, white chocolate vanilla mousse, earl grey white chocolate ganache, hazelnut spread and crisp cereal. This cake turned out like a galaxy cake, which wasn’t my original intention. I’ll be replacing the white ball and pearl decorations with lavender instead. I do like the purple glaze on top though, so I’ll be keeping that :)

On another note, it’s hard to believe that it’s already December. Where has time gone? I’m definitely looking forward to January though, as I have an exciting trip planned. I’ll be visiting Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe & Nara) and Korea. Woohoo :)!


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