matcha black sesame ice pops

Hello guys! I honestly can’t believe that there’s only one more week of summer left! Time is slippin’ away too quickly! I didn’t even get to bbq at all this summer. Well it was supposed to happen last weekend, but I’m kinda over this whole organizing thing. It’s too difficult to get everyone together at the same time, so we just met up for Korean food. Some people leaving early, some arriving late… we just couldn’t get the long awaited bbq to work out >:(

But anyway, back to my actual post, haha. I decided to experiment with one new type of ice pop per week before summer ends. I know people tend to associate dessert with sugar and fat (from cream), but it really doesn’t have to be. For this particular flavour, I simply heated up 2% milk + water + tiny bit of condensed milk + matcha + black sesame powder and then poured it into the ice pop mold.

I think these would’ve tasted better if I placed the mixture into a blender so that the matcha and black sesame don’t separate and sink to the bottom. But then they actually turned out looking pretty cool with the different layers, so all is good.

I hope everyone will be able to make the most out of the rest of their summer :)!


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