a5 memobottle

Hello! Saturday was extremely busy for me as I had quite a few orders to do, but today I just lazed around, haha. It’s been raining and it just looks so gloomy outside. Plans got cancelled with my friend so I decided to stay in and file my taxes because, well, today’s the deadline actually :D

I’ve been thinking about many things lately; especially about what I’d like to experience during my lifetime here on planet earth :) I’m feeling pretty okay with how things are right now, and sometimes you just have to come to terms with certain things that are less than desirable. But anyway, I’ll be rambling on about this topic in my next post, so don’t say I never warmed you :)

Okay, you’re probably wondering about that cool-looking water bottle in the photo above. I came across a photo of it on instagram and fell in love with it instantly. So practical, and such a clean design. I do carry a backpack or satchel with me often, so it fits perfectly in my bag. I like to use it at home as well because it holds up to 750ml, so I know I need to have it filled twice to get a good amount of daily water intake. It comes in two sizes, and this is the larger one. I ordered from their website (memobottle) and it arrived in like 2 days, haha. I was so happy!


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