happy chinese new year 2016

Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating! I wish you good health, happiness, and prosperity :)

I know this will be a big year for me, as I have a list of things to tackle in 2016. I will be focusing on self-improvement; lots of it. I hope to become a better version of myself.

As we grow older, we realize how much more quickly time passes by. 24 hours in a day never seems to be enough – I can’t believe it’s already February 7th today. Time is so frightening, yet beautiful at the same time. We always feel like time is running out, but there are still so many things we’d like to do, see, learn, and discover in our lifetime here. It may be the stage in my life that I’m currently in, but I feel a strong urge to make 2016 as a year of change and dedication. I want to put in 100% of my effort into everything that I do. I want to grow. I want to challenge myself. I want discipline. I want accomplishments.

January has come and gone, but it was an amazing start to the new year. One of my goals is to partake in more creative activities; to learn something new that requires time, patience, and commitment. And guess what new hobby I picked up? Knitting! Most of my coworkers know how to knit, so I asked them to show me how. I’m currently working on a black scarf :) I don’t know how much time it’ll take me to complete it, but hopefully by Spring :D My best friend asked me how I could possibly have time to knit when work and Charming desserts occupy such a big chunk of my time, not to mention I like my downtown adventures on the weekends as well. And oh, I also have a gym membership. But I will make this happen!

I’ve also been decluttering my room, although I don’t own that many things to begin with. I adopted the Mari Kondo method. If it doesn’t spark joy, then it’s best to pass it onto someone who will appreciate it more. Instead of folding my clothes in my cabinet, I rolled them up and now I have more space.

Minimalism, to me, is very attractive. For at least 6-7 years now, I’ve become far less materialistic. I really hope to take on a simpler approach on living life. One that is more honest, kind, and uncomplicated. I dislike clutter, and find clean, simple designs to be the most aesthetically appealing. Whites and wood are my favourite.

In a few months, I will be going on a solo trip to Vancouver. My vacations are usually rushed as I try to fit in as many activities as humanly possible in the limited amount of time, but this one will be different. It will be slow-paced and relaxed. I want to really take in the unfamiliar surroundings, be close to nature, and absorb the beauty that is Vancouver. I hope to at least learn a little more about myself during this trip.

Starting today, I’m actually doing a 30 day challenge! Healthy eating and no sugar. I don’t consider my eating habits bad, but I can definitely do more when it comes to sweets. Because hey, I’m a pastry chef after all, and we love our sugar :D But I’m putting it to the test; I’d like to see how capable I am in resisting temptation.

Lastly, relationships. I always tell others that I’m mean, but I have a big heart <3 I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with, so I'm making an effort to emit more positive vibes (lol) and kill people with kindness (hah!). I've gotten a lot closer to one of my childhood friends due to her recent interest in online dating. I've been providing a ton of (un)helpful advice.

Taking risks is so important in life. I took one of the biggest risks late last year and things didn't go as expected. The pain, it lasted for weeks. I couldn’t sleep or eat for a short while. I questioned my own self-worth. I thought I wasn’t good enough… but I can't tell you how much I learned from that one experience. I'm so glad I did it.

Life has a lot to offer, and we will never know how far we can go if we don't try. Sky’s the limit. Be fearless :)


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