pierre hermé macarons

I greatly admire Pastry Chef Pierre Hermé and my boss actually refers to him as my boyfriend since I talk about him all the time, haha. I was fortunate enough to indulge in his delectable Tarte Infiniment Vanille and Mont Blanc (I actually had 4 mont blancs during my visit to Tokyo alone. Both because I love them and they’re extremely popular in Japan). Out of the 4 I had, my favourite was actually Jean Paul Hevin’s version of it.

Before heading to HK, I already decided to purchase two boxes of Pierre Hermé’s macarons to bring back to Toronto from the IFC location. Extremely pricey; 220HKD (around $40 CAD) for a box of 7. Craziness. The PH outlets in HK don’t have his pastries though, so I was glad I had a few when I was in Tokyo :)

I’ve actually wanted to get my hands on his HK macaron box for the longest time. It’s so cute with the cartoon landmarks of HK; it was superior to the Tokyo box in terms of both design and quality. Another box added to my collection of many other macaron boxes :D


2 thoughts on “pierre hermé macarons

  1. Yes, macarons are delicious! I have had Pierre Hermé’s in Paris, and while not bad, I would say that the ones from Ladurée are better. Just my taste, though (quite literally!).

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