raspberry macarons

I have to admit, I find pitch black macarons to be extremely, extremely sexy. We made these black shelled macarons with a raspberry filling for a special order. It’s hard getting it to be this dark without a lot of food colouring, so a ton of black colour powder and colour gel were used to achieve this result. I just wanted to share this photo really, but I’ll also provide the recipe for the raspberry white chocolate ganache filling :)


115g white couverture chocolate
30g whipping cream (35%)
40g raspberry puree
10g unsalted butter, room temperature

1. Melt the white chocolate completely over a double boiler.
2. At the same time, heat up the whipping cream together with the raspberry puree until warm.
3. Pour the cream/puree mixture over the melted white chocolate and let rest for one minute.
4. Using a heat-proof spatula, beginning from the middle of the bowl, swirl until the mixture is fully incorporated.
5. Add the butter and mix. Refrigerate until set.


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