soba in broth

Bbrrr, it’s been extremely cold lately, especially today. So sunny but so cold – how deceiving! Nonetheless, I would still have loved to spend the day wandering downtown, making quick stops by coffee shops, bakeries and art & supplies stores. I have work to do though, so I’m kind of stuck inside, and writing a quick post while I’m on my break right now.

A few weeks ago, I came across these cute teddy bear fish cakes in the supermarket and got one of each colour :) They aren’t the best tasting fish cakes out there, but because they’re so cute, I am able to overlook that factor.. a little bit. I’ve always loved having soba with dipping sauce, but I decided to make a warm broth in its place since it’s the perfect weather for it. I’ve had the soba in broth at Cafe Green Tea in J-Town a couple times before, and their shiitake would always, always be the high-light for me; even more-so than the shrimp tempura (that says a lot). I decided to pickle the shiitake for my soba as well, in sugar, vinegar, soy sauce & ginger. Not the same flavour, but delicious all the same. One of my co-workers lives on a farm, and she has chicken running around in her home. She gave me a dozen eggs (organic & free-range!!) so I used them and (tried) to make onsen tamago for the soba. As for the broth, I just purchased Kikkoman Hon Tsuyu and added water to it.

Hopefully it won’t get any colder than this! Have a great weekend :)


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