linzer cookies

Despite an extremely busy schedule this holiday, with baking 3x the amount of macarons we usually do at work, orders for Charming desserts, pot lucks and gatherings, I still wanted to make care packages for my friends. I originally wanted to make an assortment of 7 sweets, but I soon realized the idea was too ambitious. In the end, I made gingerbread cookies, ginger brown sugar cookies, green tea white chocolate biscotti, chocolate fleur de sel cookies & linzer cookies. I had to omit the candy cane marshmallows and caramel truffles since I couldn’t find time to make everything in time. I packaged each type of cookie in their individual cello bag and placed them in Christmas kraft bags.

Last Christmas I bought a set of linzer cookie cutters but didn’t get the chance to use them. This year, I did! This was actually my first time making or eating linzer cookies, and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they are! Haha, it’s almost like I’m praising my own baking skills, but they really are good. I’m sure the ground almonds played a big role in this as not many cookies call for almond flour in addition to all-purpose flour.

The recipe I used is from the show “The Best Thing I Ever Made”. After watching Chef Alex Guarnaschelli make them, I was tempted to make them myself. I hope you’ll get a chance to bake them yourself as well!

Recipe available here.


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