treats from Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie is a relatively new French restaurant/boulangerie located in the distillery district. I’ve been twice so far, having tried their brunch on my first visit. I ordered crab cake benedict and it was delicious. The second time was for dinner after checking out the Christmas market in distillery. On this occasion, we were a large group so fortunately we had a wide selection of plates to try out, ranging from frog legs to sweetbreads to foie gras. I found the salt cod donuts very memorable. Next time (when I have more room in my stomach) I will definitely order their French onion soup :)

From their pâtisserie section, I’ve indulged in more pastries than I’d like to disclose, haha. Croissant, macaron, financier, profiterole, éclair, madeleine, tartlet, and mille feuille – I’ve tried them all. Their chocolate almond rum croissant was especially outstanding. Crisp, buttery, with a generous amount of filling (way better than their pain au chocolat in my opinion). I brought back a hazelnut spicy mango mille feuille & passion fruit tartlet so I could have them for afternoon tea the next day :D


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