black currant & passionfruit dark chocolates

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s already the end of November – that’s insane! How did time go by so quickly? I’ve already had this blog for almost a year now. Haven’t been updating much since I’ve become a slave to my work, lol. Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a reflection of the year kind of post, so let me get to the point ;)

Do you remember my kitten/bunny/bear/heart chocolates post from before? I made white chocolate with a matcha ganache filling the other time. This time, it’s dark chocolate with black currant & passionfruit filling! Well not together (obviously) lol, but I’m going to make them again and pair the passionfruit with white chocolate instead. I brought some to work and my boss said the dark chocolate was really rich, and I 100% agree, but I just worked with what I had. Either way, Callebaut’s 53% dark chocolate callets are so delicious that I can’t help popping a few in my mouth here and there while I’m baking, haha.

I’m going to play around with more flavours for the holidays; possibly candy cane, peppermint and champagne!


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