what’s in my bag

Hello! Here is my what’s in my bag post. Quite minimal actually, since I don’t like to carry too many things around.

Herschel supply :: I’ve always wanted a little america mid backpack from Herschel, but I couldn’t decide on which one to get simply because I liked all of them. The colours are wonderful and they have gorgeous designs as well. I went with the seafoam and have been loving it since :)

Society 6 iPhone 6 case :: To be honest, I was disappointed with the quality when it arrived in my mail. The colours looked much better on their website, but it’s still a nice case nonetheless.

Star headphones :: I got these cute headphones 5 years ago when I was working in South Korea. I’ve seen them online some time prior and found them quite attractive, so I was happy to find them inside Shinsegae in Apgujeong. Later when I came back to Toronto, I saw them in a Chinese mall and they were selling for only $10! I was shocked. I got mine for $55 -_-

Muji pen :: No one leaves Muji without purchasing at least one pen. No one. I’m SO excited that the first Muji store in Canada is opening this month in Atrium on Bay!!! Rawr.

Bicycle notebook :: Well, you know, I have a thing for bicycles :) My new dessert creations, recipes, sketches, etc. are all documented here.

Airmail mighty wallet :: My love for airmail! I got this from Indigo Chapters and it’s still in good condition even after 2 years. No rips, no tears.

Eiffel tower key chain :: When I traveled to Paris 2 years ago, I brought back a bunch of eiffel tower key chains as souvenirs for my friends. I kept a gold one for myself because I’ve been into gold lately ;)

Chef’s coat :: This is what I wear at work. End of story, haha.


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