sakura cake pops, petits fours & roll cake

Because the sakura season is so short (it has already passed in Japan), I’ve been making a lot of sakura themed desserts in these few months. Today is Mother’s Day, and my featured cake is the sakura roll cake with a sakura macaron. It’s so lovely, and I think it fits Mother’s Day perfectly, which is why I chose to feature it (besides the fact that my mom really enjoyed this cake when I made it for her :D).

Aside from the roll cake, I ventured into the world of cake pops and made sakura flavour ^^ I’ve only ever made cake pops once, because they’re quite labour-intensive, although surprisingly delicious and moist.

Lastly are sakura petits fours. To those unfamiliar, petits fours are bite sized desserts usually made with sponge cake filled with jam and then encased in a pouring fondant. I used white chocolate ganache instead of pouring fondant, and decorated each petit four with a thin sheet of fondant and cherry blossoms made of gumpaste. You may have noticed that I used the word “fondant” twice – let me explain. The fondant used to decorate cakes (like wedding cakes) are in the solid form and can be rolled or molded into figurines. Pouring fondant is essentially the same thing but in a liquid form, usually used to glaze and decorate French pastries like the petit four, éclair, and religieuse.


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