green tea black sesame rare tofu cheesecake

In a few posts back, I mentioned that both green tea and black sesame are extremely popular flavours, and the combination of both is simply irresistible to so many. My favourite part of this cake is actually the texture – soft, silky smooth, and light. Very light. One slice is nowhere near enough, because it pretty much melts in your mouth, so to speak. I know the word “rare” may be confusing to some, but it actually just means it’s a no-bake cheesecake, where gelatin is used to set the cake instead.

I don’t usually decorate this tofu cheesecake with macarons and a ruffled piping design, but I did once and I just found it incredibly charming. The classic design with balls of whipped cream & strawberries is cute though!

Unique and delectable, it’s no surprise that this green tea black sesame rare tofu cheesecake is ranked in the top 3 on Charming desserts menu ;)


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