matcha & green tea powder

I often get asked why I use the words “matcha” & “green tea”, and whether they’re the same. Great question! I’m more than happy to explain.

Matcha is green tea powder, but green tea powder is not necessarily matcha. Matcha is high quality green tea from Japan, and its price reflects its unique growing & processing methods, in addition to health benefits and its availibility. The best can be found in Uji, Kyoto.

You won’t notice the intensity of the colour until you compare them side by side – matcha (L) and green tea powder (R). Matcha is much brighter and aromatic, with a pleasant sweetness to it. Green tea powder is a lot more bitter, so people often mistaken that the more bitter a dessert is, the higher quality it is. This is definitely not true. Matcha is actually quite subtle in taste unless you drink it as a tea.

To give you an idea of the “average” price difference (matcha can be incredibly expensive depending on its grade), matcha is $9/40g and green tea powder is $2.31/40g. I use both in my baking to create a balance, as some find matcha not bitter enough.


6 thoughts on “matcha & green tea powder

  1. Thank you for this information. I never knew before. We bought a bottle of green tea and we mixed its powder with hot water but we found that the taste was so bitter. We thought the one we bought was matcha but right now I’m not sure. Will look at the packaging again.

  2. Thanks for the info amylu7, we are planning to include a green tea/ or matcha flavour polvorons, in the future, and your blog gave us a valuable information how to differentiate the two.

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