matcha white chocolates

During my Cali trip, I spent quite some time in Little Tokyo & J-Town, especially in DAISO. I really wish we had one here in Toronto, because I could spend hours browsing through the store. The Japanese are known for their adorable-ness in everything, including baking supplies and molds! I picked up a cute animal chocolate mold and have been playing with it a few times. Kitty, rabbit, bear, and heart – just too cute!

Since I had some left-over matcha white chocolate ganache in the freezer, I decided to use it as a filling for the chocolates. Tempering chocolate can be scary; it requires a lot of practice in order to perfect this technique. Tempering couverture chocolate is necessary to achieve the shiny, smooth appearance with a firm snap.

I began by filling the mold with white chocolate, swirling the mold around to ensure there are no gaps. Left it in the fridge for a few minutes, and then piped the matcha white ganache in the middle of each mold. 5 minutes in the fridge to harden the ganache, the last step is to fill up the space with the rest of the white chocolate. If tempered correctly, the chocolates will slide out easily. I recommend using a silicon mold because it makes it 10 times easier to remove the chocolate afterwards ^^

For the process of tempering chocolate, please visit Lindt’s website.


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