noodle fox (jellycat)

Whenever I see cute stuffed animals, my heart melts. It’s hard to resist bringing them home. But I know when I do, I just let them all sit/sleep on my bed beside me. That’s all. Should I really be bringing them home with me? Haha. Anyway, when I saw this noodle fox from Jellycat at Indigo Chapters, I really, really wanted him (actually I’m not sure if it should be a him or her). I actually visited this foxie once a week at the store, and every time I would go back empty handed. It’s hard! Especially as a business owner, I tend to think about the benefits of spending. Is buying a stuffed animal a good investment? Haha, but as you can see, I did end up purchasing him and he’s joined my family of stuffed animals, happily sitting on my bed :)

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