california roll w/ quinoa


In an attempt to combine 2 favourite things together – quinoa & california roll; I replaced sushi rice with quinoa. The result? Magnificent! Some have asked me how to ensure that the quinoa sticks to the seaweed, and I would say to overcook the quinoa a little. Not so much a porridge consistency, because that wouldn’t taste good, but definitely softer than al dente. It’s also ideal to let the quinoa cool for 20-30mins before applying it to the seaweed. For some reason, this will add a bit of the sticky factor.

When making inarizushi (a pouch of fried tofu filled with sushi rice), I also substitute with either quinoa or brown rice. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot stress how delicious I find sushi rice, but everything in moderation. Quinoa & brown rice are just more nutritious ^^


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