sakura white chocolate green tea entremet

I’ve been so excited to introduce this cake onto my menu because it’s so beautiful! Since I am my own customer, I like to come up with distinctive desserts that I would actually purchase myself, and which do not really exist. Sakura flavoured desserts are seen in Japan during Spring, but not so much anywhere else; especially not in North America. I ordered my Sakura ingredients online and had them mailed to me from Japan.

The cake I’m featuring this Spring is the Sakura white chocolate green tea entremet. It consists of Sakura raspberry mousse, green tea sponge, white chocolate mousse, and gelée w/ edible pickled cherry blossoms on top. The light, floral taste of sakura is combined with raspberry purée which gives the mousse a hint of pink. The bitter green tea layers are balanced with the sweet white chocolate mousse. This is a cake worth falling in love with :) It’s also limited edition and only available in March & April.


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