macaron day 2014

Macaron Day will be here in 2 weeks! This year’s Macaron Day is happening on Thursday, March 20th. There will be a total of 17 pâtisseries participating this time.

Once again, I will be one of the ambassadors for Macaron Day Toronto this year. I mean, how could I not right? :)

So What exactly is Macaron Day? Macaron Day takes place every year in Paris, NYC, and other international cities. This will be the third Macaron Day held in Toronto (thanks to Michel Firanski, owner of La Bamboche) to celebrate macarons in support of a local charity. The 17 participating pâtisseries across Toronto will be offering complimentary macarons to customers on this day. To receive your macaron, simply visit a participating pâtisserie and mention that you’re here to celebrate Macaron Day TO. One complimentary macaron per customer with quantities limited by location.

25% of all additional macarons purchased on Macaron Day will be donated to the Red Door Family Shelter, so please don’t hesitate to purchase more of these delicious confections!

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I visited 5 or 6 pâtisseries last year, with the following featured in the photo above: La Bamboche, Patachou, Butter Avenue & Pâtisserie 27.

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