sakura roll cake

I’ve always wanted to work with Sakura, so this year I made sure I ordered them early from Japan so that I could have time to play around with different sorts of recipes. In Japan, the cherry blossom season is in April, which coincidentally is the beginning of a new school year as well.

Sakura is so beautiful and delicate, yet fleeting. For this reason, I make an effort to visit High Park every year for Sakura viewing. I hope to visit Japan during Spring one year, so I can catch a glimpse of the breathtaking views; banks upon banks of Sakura. I’ve only visited Japan in the summer time, and it’s hottt.

The roll cake is made with a chiffon recipe and the filling is a Sakura pastry cream. I incorporated Sakura paste into the pastry cream for a floral note. The cherry blossoms on the cake itself are actually salted and pickled, so that they can be preserved. I soaked them in cold water to reduce the salty taste and then pat them dry. Roll cakes are usually thicker and are filled with whipping cream, but I find that version too dry. I prefer a thin layer so the cake can be rolled more than once. I also like using pastry cream as a filling because it’s rich and thick. With the increased cake layers and the silky smooth pastry cream, the result is a moist roll cake.

I will be featuring some limited edition Sakura items on Charming desserts’ menu during March & April. Please look forward to them :)


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