postcards & washi tape

No matter where I travel to, I will definitely purchase some postcards to bring back. My walls are posted with numerous cards, postcards, and business cards using washi tape & different coloured clothespin. I will post a photo of my room in a future post :)

When I visited San Fran’s J-Town, I came across a shop that sells accessories and knick knacks designed by local artists. I purchased a box of postcards by artist Tomoko Maruyama. There was an instant connection between me, and all of her lovely work. I am always drawn toward cute, soft coloured (pastel), and clean designs, so I was in love. Featured are San Fran’s landmarks and attractions, such as the golden gate bridge, cable car, and the tall houses full of character.

Washi tape; another thing that I’m crazy about. Washi tape is paper tape that originates from Japan, and the colours, patterns, and designs that they come in are just gorgeous. There is an endless number of uses for them. I usually use them to seal an envelope, a package for my baked goods, or for simply attaching notes and tags. You can find them at The Paper Place, Essence du Papier, or eBay.


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